TEN STEPS to Control Diabetes
by Mark Erik Meijer, MD
a younger (hairier) Dr. Meijer
Public Survey Results:
120 (approximately) attendees, 82 respondents
(December 2001 – January 2002)
The choices for the four multiple-choice questions were:Not at all (N)Very Little (L)Somewhat (S)More than I Expected (E)
1. Did the program give you new ways of controlling your diabetes?  45% (S)55% (E)
2. How well did you understand the program?  1% (L)29% (S)70% (E)
3. Were the patient education handouts helpful?  31% (S)69% (E)
4. My motivation to control my diabetes has improved because of this presentation.3% (N)1% (L)25% (S)71% (E)
The choices for three questions were:yesno  
1. Have you received information concerning diabetes management prior to this program?75% (yes)25% (no)  
2. Was there any one piece of information presented with which you strongly disagree or take offense?5% (yes)95% (no)  
3. Would you attend other programs like this one?96% (yes)4% (no)  

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